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Energy Supply FAQS

If I switch my energy source, do I also have to switch to a different utility company?

Not at all.  Con Edison will continue to supply the same service you have come to trust; the only thing that will change is a significant reduction in your utility bill!

How will this service differ from what my current energy supplier provides?

Lower prices and a wider variety of pricing options.  Our fixed price plans are tailored to fit our customers individual utility needs for both residences and businesses. 

What service options are available?

We provide our customers with a cost-effective, environmentally-sound electricity and natural gas supply in addition to the option for renewable electricity plans, for both residences and businesses.  For our commercial customers, we offer energy audits, LED Lighting Upgrades, efficiency funding for qualified candidates, and an energy usage and budgeting tool called Ener-G Tracker.  The Ener-G Tracker allows you to monitor your energy budget and consumption, so you can make informed energy conserving decisions to help you save on your power bill.  In addition to all this, we offer LED retrofits, to help you save even more on your energy costs while sustainably reducing your carbon footprint. Switching to energy saving LED lighting is a long-term investment that will reduce your energy usage and costs. 

What regions do you cover and how can I get started?

We currently offer our services to New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.  Services will soon be available for customers in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  Getting started is easy; prospective customers can simply contact us for a free, customized, no-obligation price quote.  Our 24-hour access number is: 1 (800) 939-5691.  Or drop us a line at

Will my billing change? Will I receive two bills instead of one?

You will continue to receive just one consolidated bill from your local utility company. Your utility bill will show two components - delivery and supply. Delivery is the cost you pay for your local utility company to read the meter, handle energy emergencies, and take the commodity of energy and deliver it to your home or place of business. Supply is the cost you pay for the actual energy and is based on consumption. When you enroll with an energy supplier, you are contracting for the price you pay for your energy supply for the duration of your term. Our charges will be included in that bill under the supply or generation section.

Who do I contact if I lose power?

Continue to contact your local utility company directly.  Although we provide your energy supply, your local utility company is responsible for delivery of our energy through their wires and pipelines.