Large Area LED Lights: Field, Stadium & Security.

Affordable solutions for large interior and exterior spaces. 

UL & DLC Approved fixtures.
Custom configurations offered from:

120 Watt - 1300 Watt, NFL-WFL, 3000K-6000K.

Cut Sheets

LED Security, Field and Stadium Lights (pdf)


5th Avenue Church NYC




The before and after was achieved for 90% less than our competitors bid.

US BULB stadium fixtures score big with facilities managers and CFO’s.





*The new fixture is mounted in the rear balcony just under the stained glass. 

We reflected and refracted the light off the ceiling at 45°. This allows the ceiling‘s natural shape to evenly distribute the light down across the space. *The unit is dimmed down to 70% output in the photo. 


Please download cut sheets (above). Project References and fixture quotes available upon request.

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